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Rosa amblyotis

Rosa amblyotis is  a hardy shrub rose from Kamchatka in Russia with single, pink flowers and coarse foliage that resembles rugosa foliage. 

Labradorrós Rósa blanda Tarja Halonenedi
Smooth Rose

Smooth rose is a shrub rose native to N-America that is virtually thornless. It flowers single, ligh pink flowers and has bright green, coarse foliage.

Father David's Rose

Father David's rose is native to Central- and W-China and SE-Tibet where it grows in 1600-3000 m height. It is very similar to Rosa moyesii and Rosa sweginzowii, but is a bit more delicate in habit.

Austrian Briar

Austrian briar is a delicate shrub rose native to the foothills of the Caucasus Mountains in Georgia. It flowers single, golden yellow flowers and had dark green foliage. It grows best in full sun and well drained, sandy soil. 

Redleaf Rose

Redleaf rose is native to Central- and S-Europe and north to Germany and Poland. It flowers small, single, pink flowers and the foliage is bluegreen with burgundy veins. 

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Helen's Rose

Helen's rose is a vigorous rambler that can reach 6 - 7 m in height and with. The flowers are small, single, cream colored, borne in clusters and the foliage is glossy green. 

Cinnamon Rose

Cinnamon rose is a tall shrub rose native to Europe and east to Siberia. It flowers single, pink flowers that mature to edible, orange rose-hips rich in vitamin C.

Moyes Rose

Moyes rose is a tall shrub rose that is native to W-China. The flowers are single in shades from pink to red.

Shining Rose

Shining rose is native to northeastern N-America. It flowers single, pink flowers and has very distinctive, dark green, glossy foliage.

Nootka Rose

Nootka rose is native to the western coast of N-America. It flowers single, pink flowers. 

Alpine Rose

Alpine rose is a shrub rose native to mountains in Central- and S-Europe. I flowers single, magenta flowers. 

Burnet Rose

Burnet rose is native to Europe in sandy soil along coastlines or in limestone. The flowers are single, white and the foliage is bluegray with small, round leaflets. Burnet rose has been widely used in rose breeding and a number of cultivars are in cultivation which are covered with Antique roses.  

  • Rosa pimpinellifolia (syn. Rosa spinosissima)

    • 'Andrewsii'

    • 'Katrín Viðar'

    • 'Plena'

    • var. altaica

      • 'Lovísa'


Sweet-Briar is a tall shrub rose native to Europe and W-Asia. The flowers are single, pink and the foliage has an apple scent. 

Beach Rose

Beach rose is a hardy, shrub rose that flowers single, magenta flowers. It is native to NE-China, Korea, Japan and SE-Siberia where it often grows in sand dunes along beaches. It has been very valuable in rose breeding and a great number of rugosa hybrids are in cultivation which are listed under Antique roses.

Sweginzow's Rose

Sweginzow's rose is a very tall shrub rose with single, pink flowers that is native to China.  

Willmott's Rose

Willmott's rose is a delicate shrub rose with delicate foliage and single flowers in a variety of pink shades. It is native to arid valleys in 2300 - 3150 m height in China. 

Highdown Rose

Highdown rose is a moyesii hybrid that was grown in Highdown Gardens in Britain in 1928. It is a large shrub like Rosa moyesii with carmine red flowers. 

Holy Rose of Abyssinia

Holy rose of Abyssinia is a very old species hybrid of unknown origin, that is believed to be the oldest cultivated rose. It flowers single flowers that open pale pink, but turn white as they age. 

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A rose of unknown origin.

Lovely Rose

A seedling of unknown origin cultivated in the Reykjavík Botanical garden. It is a hardy shrub rose with double, pink flowers.  

Manchu Rose

Manchu rose is a shrub rose that flowers single, pale yellow flowers. It is native to China and Korea.