Iberis saxatilis
Iberis - Candy tuft

Iberis is a genus of around 50 species in the Brassicaceae, most of which are native to regions around the Mediterranean. Those species that can be grown here in Iceland are well suited to rock gardens as they need very sharp drainage and full sun.  


Iberis saxatilis
Iliamna - Wild hollyhocks

Iliamna is a genus of 7 similar species all native to N-America. The genus seems to be named after Iliamna lake in Alaska, although none of it's species grow in Alaska. The genus belongs to the mallow family, Malvaceaea and like many species of that family, they are tall, bushy plants with tall spikes of flowers which resemble hollyhocks.


Incarvillea mairei

Incarvillea is a small genus of around 16 species in the family Bignoniaceae. Unlike most other species of that family, the members of this genus are native to the Himalayas and Tibet. 


Incarvillea mairei

Inula is a fairly large genus of around 90 species in the aster family, Asteraceae, native to Europe, Asia and Africa. They are very varied in size, but the flowers are distinctive with very many, narrow ray-florets.


Iris setosa

Iris is a large genus of close to 300 species in the iris family, Iridaceae. The word iris is from Greek and means rainbow, which refers to the colourful flowers of species in the genus. Nearly all species are native to temperate regions in the northern hemisphere where they grow in varied habitats, from dry alpine conditions, to meadows and marshes. 



Jasione laevis

Jasione, is a small genus in the bellflower family, Campanulaceae, native to Europe. The majority of species are annual or biennial. 




Knautia arvensis

Knautia is a genus of 9 species in the family, Capryfoliaceae. One species is native to iceland (*).