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Galium odoratum

Galium is a large genus in the family Rubiaceae, with over 600 species. Most are not sought after garden plants, but there are some exceptions. Four species are native to Iceland.


Gentiana dinarica
Gentiana - Gentians

Gentiana is a large genus of around 400 species in the family Gentianaceae. It's distribution is alpine and temperate regions in Europe, Asia and America. The signature feature of the genus are exceptionally blue, trumpet shaped flowers. 


Geum coccineum
Geum - Avens

Geum is a genus in the rose family, Rosaceae, closely related to Potentilla, but unlike them the avens flower for a long time. They grow wild in Europe, Asia, America, Africa and New Zealand. Most prefer full sun, but don't have any special soil requirements. 


Gillenia trifoliata

Gillenia is a genus in the rose family, Rosaceae. of only two species. Both are woodland plants native to the east coast of N-America, where they grow in dry woodlands. They prefer slightly acidic soil. 


Gypsophila repens 'Alba'
Gypsophila - Baby's breath

Gypsophila is a genus in the family Caryophyllaceae,  with a wide distribution around Eurasia, Africa and Oceania, with the greatest number of species in Turkey. They have a deep root system and dislike being disturbed. They grow best in deep, well drained soil in full sun.


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