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Eranthis hyemalis

Winter Aconite



8 - 15 cm

Flower colour


Flowering time

March - April, even sooner in mild winters

Foliage colour



sun - partial shade


well drained, moist, humus rich, calcareous


neutral - alkaline


can be finicky and short-lived

Plant range

woodlands in France, Italy and Balkan peninsula

Eranthis is among the first plants to flower in spring. It is a small genus of 8 species in the buttercup family,  Ranunculaceae, native to S-Europe and east to Japan. They are low growing woodland plants that take advantage of the spring sunlight before the trees leaf out, to bloom their white or yellow flowers. The leaves appear after flowering and fade when the forest has become shaded.


Division is spring. Care should be taken not to cut into the tubers. 

Tubers planted in fall. If the tubers dry out, they might not grow. 

Seed - sown in September - October. Seed has short viability and should be refrigerated until it is sown. 

Seed just covered and stored outside until germination. Seedlings that sprouts in spring should be transplanted, but the seed tray should be kept outside until the next spring, as some of the seed could sprout later. 

A spring flowering woodland plant, that takes advantage of the sunlight before the trees leaf out. It needs humus rich, moist, calcareous soil. Doesn't tolerate drought.

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