Douglasia laevigata
Douglasia laevigata
Douglasia laevigata
Douglasia laevigata
Douglasia laevigata

Douglasia laevigata

Smooth Douglasia

Cliff Dwarf-Primrose



5 cm​

Flower colour


Flowering time


Foliage colour





well drained, gritty


slightly acidic - neutral


needs good drainage to thrive

Plant range

Pacific Northwest

Douglasia, is a small genus of alpine plants in the primrose family, Primulaceae, closely related to Androsace. They are native to NW-America and NE-Asia and like other alpines they thrive best in gritty soil in full sun.


Basal cuttings in early summer.

A stalk without buds is torn off at the base and planted in soil mixed with pumice and kept in a sheltered spot out of strong sunlight until the cutting is rooted.

Seed – needs cold stratification, best sown in September - November. Seed has short viability.

Seed just covered and stored at 20°C (68°F) for 6 weeks. If some seeds germinate, the seedlings should be transplanted and then the seed tray should be stored outside until spring. Germination can be slow, it could germinate a year later so the seed should not be discarded prematurely. Optimum germination temperature is 5-12°C (40-55°F).

Sensitive to winter wet. Needs sharp drainage, preferably on a steep slope.

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