Dianthus 'Queen of Henri'
Dianthus 'Queen of Henri'
Dianthus 'Queen of Henri'
Dianthus 'Queen of Henri'
Dianthus 'Queen of Henri'

Dianthus 'Queen of Henri'



20 cm

Flower colour

red with white edges

Flowering time

August - September

Foliage colour





well drained, gritty


neutral - alkaline



Plant range

garden variety

Dianthus is a large genus in the family Caryophyllaceae, with around 300 species. The majority are distributed around the Mediterranean, reaching north into Europe and east to Asia. Most are mat forming plants that grow best in dry, gritty soil in full sun and are therefore well suited for rock gardens.


Basal cuttings.

A stalk without buds is torn off at the base and planted in soil mixed with pumice and kept in a sheltered spot out of strong sunlight until the cutting is rooted.

Seed sown in March.

Seed just covered and kept at 20°C (68°F) until germination. After germination it should be kept at a lower temperature with plenty of light so the plants won't become lanky.

A very unique flower colour. Flowers late and has not set seed. Flowers sparingly.

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