Aurinia saxatilis

syn. Alyssum saxatile

Basket of Gold

syn. Yellow Alyssum



15-30 cm

Flower colour


Flowering time

June - September

Foliage colour





sandy, well drained


acid - neutral - alkaline


sensitive to winter wet, often short-lived

Plant range

S-Europe and Central-Asia

The genus Alyssum belongs to the Brassicaceae family. It's a fairly large genus of similar species native to the Mediterranean and Eastern- and Central-Asia. Many are low growing alpines, most with small white or yellow flowers in clusters. They grow best in sandy, well-drained soil in full sun. The genus Aurinia is a closely related genus which several species from the Alyssum have now been moved to. They all flower yellow flowers and are native to Central- and South-Europe.


Basal cuttings in spring og early summer

A stalk without buds is torn off at the base and planted in soil mixed with pumice and kept in a sheltered spot out of strong sunlight until the cutting is rooted.

Seed sown in March.

Seed just covered and kept at 20°C (68°F) until germination. After germination it should be kept at a lower temperature with plenty of light so the plants won't become lanky.

A rock garden plant that needs well drained soil and plenty of sun. It is sensitive to winter wet and often short-lived with the wet winters here in SW-Iceland. It can be maintained with summer cuttings stored under cover during the winter.

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