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Aquilegia vulgaris var. vervaeneana 'Woodside Variegata'

Common Columbine

syn. Granny's Bonnet



50 - 60 cm

Flower colour

variety of blue, violet, pink and white shades

Flowering time

June - July

Foliage colour

yellow and green variegated


sun - partial shade


well drained, average


acid - neutral - alkaline



Plant range

garden variety

Aquilegia is a genus in the family Ranunculaceae. They are  hardy plants that prefer fairly moist soil and semi-shade. However, the genus includes a few alpine plants that need full sun and well drained soil.


Seed – sown in January - March.

Seed just barely covered and kept at 20°C (68°F) until germination. If seed hasn‘t germinated in 4 weeks it is can be refrigerated for 2-4 weeks and then moved back to 15 - 20°C (68°F). After germination lower temperatures and plenty of light is needed so the seedlings won‘t become lanky.

A variety with yellow and green variegated leaves and flowers in varied shades of pink, violet, blue and white. It needs well drained soil and sun or partial shade. Self-seeds a little.

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