Allium christophii

syn. Allium albopilosum

The Star of Persia



40-60 cm

Flower colour

metallic lilac-pink

Flowering time

July - August

Foliage colour





fertile, well drained


acid - neutral - alkaline


needs a warm, sunny growing place

Plant range

Turkey, Iran and Turkmenistan in C-Asia

Allium is a genus in the family Alliaceae. The genus includes onions grown for food, but also a number of decorative garden plants. It is a very large genus with close to 1000 species, most of which are native to the temperate regions of the northern hemisphere.


Bulbs planted in autumn.

Division in spring.

Seed – needs cold stratification, best sown in September - November.

Seed just covered and stored for 2-4 weeks at 20°C (68°F) and then it‘s moved outside until germination. Germination can be slow, seed may germinate a year later, so it‘s important not to throw it away prematurely. Optimum germination temperature is 5-12°C (40-55°F).

A medium sized ornamental onion with very large, globular clusters of star shaped lilac-pink flowers. Possibly only an annual here, it needs a warm, sunny place and well drained soil to possibly flower after the first year. Sensitive to wet soil.

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