Alchemilla alpina

Alpine Lady's Mantle



5 - 20 cm

Flower colour

lime green

Flowering time


Foliage colour

bright green


sun - partial shade


poor, well drained


acid - neutral - alkaline


hardy, USDA zones 3-7

Plant range

Europe and S-Greenland

Alchemilla is a genus in the family Rosaceae.  They have ornamental foliage and although the flowers aren't very showy, the umbels of lime green flowers are great accents with other flower colours. Most species of the genus are native to northern Eurasia, but a few species are native to mountains in Africa and N-America. Three species are native to Iceland.


Division in spring.

Seed – needs cold stratification, best sown in September - November.

Seed just covered and stored for 2-4 weeks at 20°C (68°F) and then it‘s moved outside until germination. Germination can be slow, seed may germinate a year later, so it‘s important not to throw it away prematurely. Optimum germination temperature is 5-12°C (40-55°F).

A low growing perennial native to Iceland, common in all regions of the country from coasts to highlands. It is a lovely rock garden plant with glossy, green foliage with silver haired reverses. The lime green flowers compliment other colours nicely.

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