Agastache foeniculum

Agastache foeniculum

syn. Agastache anisata

Anise Hyssop



30-40 cm

Flower colour


Flowering time

July - August

Foliage colour

lime green




well drained


acid - neutral - alkaline


fairly tender

Plant range

N-America north to Canada

Agastache is a genus in the family Lamiaceae, with fragrant leaves  and long spikes of small flowers. There are about 22 species in the genus, all native to N-America, apart from one, which is native to E-Asia. They are popular garden plants in warmer climates as they attract butterflies and humming birds and a great variety of garden cultivars are available. They have little value in Icelandic gardens and are fairly tender.


Division in spring.

Seed sown in March.

Seed just covered and kept at 20°C (68°F) until germination. 

Low growing plant with small, purple flowers, with limited ornamental value. Species and varieties in the genus are mainly grown to attract bees and butterflies. It has therefore little value as a garden plant in Iceland. Both leaves and flowers have an anise scent. Seems tender.

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