Anemone sylvestris
Anemone sylvestris
Anemone sylvestris
Anemone sylvestris
Anemone sylvestris
Anemone sylvestris

Anemone sylvestris

Snowdrop Anemone



40 cm

Flower colour


Flowering time


Foliage colour



partial shade


moist, well drained


acid - neutral - alkaline



Plant range

Mið- og V-Evrópa

Anemone is a genus in the buttercup family, Ranunculaceae, and bears a resemblance to buttercups. They grow mostly in northern regions and mountainous areas. Many are spring flowering or flower in early summer, but some flower later in the season, such as Anemone huphensis.


Division in spring.

Seed - seed has short viability so is best stored in a refrigeratior until it is sown.

Sown in September - November: 

Seed just covered and stored at 20°C (68°F) for 2-4 weeks, then it's best to store it outside until spring. Optimum germination temperature is 20°C (68°F) so it's best to move the seed inside in March.

Sown in January - March:

Seed is just covered and kept at 20°C (68°F) until germination. After germination lower tempseratures and plenty of light is needed so the seedlings wont become lanky. If the seed doesn't germinate it should be refrigerated for 4-6 weeks. 

Pretty woodland plant with large, white flowers. It is quite shade tolerant, but grows best in partial shade in well drained, moist soil. It self seeds a little when conditions are favorable.

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