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molinia caerulea dauerstrahl

A tall ornamental grass that forms upright tussocks. It tolerates most soil types, but prefers slightly acidic, moist and well drained soil. It native habitats include moorlands and marshes in the Britain and Ireland.

milium effusum aureum

Self-seeds moderately.

luzula sylvatica solar flare

Practically evergreen, but withered foliage needs to be trimmed in spring, before new growth emerges.

koeleria glauca

A compact ornamental grass that needs a sunny position and well drained soil.

imperata cylindrica red baron

A popular ornamental grass in neighbouring countries, but needs more summer heat than Iceland can offer. It could possibly grow in a sunroom or a warm greenhouse. The tips of the leaves turn red in late summer, advancing to dark burgundy in fall.

hordeum jubatum

Annual ornamental grass that can self-seed given good conditions.

hakonechloa macra aureola

A medium sized ornamental grass that grows best in partial shade in humus-rich, well drained, moist soil. It's best to trim withered foliage in spring before new growth begins to emerge. It's good to shelter the plant during winter by a cover of leaves or compost.

festuca vivipara compact blue

Forms a round mound of thin, gray-blue foliage. Needs a sunny position and well drained soil.

festuca glauca elijah blue

Forms a round, mound of thin, grey-blue foliage. Needs full sun and well drained soil.

elymus glaucus

Spreads with rhizomes, so it's best to plant it in a pot to keep it in place.

carex muskingumensis

A perennial sedge that needs moist soil.

carex morrowii ice dance

Low growing sedge with white variegated foliage. The foliage is evergreen, but can be damaged during the winter months so it's best to trim it in spring. Grows best in partial shade.