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Alopecurus - Foxtails

Alopecurus is a genus in the grass family, Poaceae. One common characteristic is their dense, cylindrical panicles that resemble foxtails, hence the common name. The genus contains around 25 species of grasses native to temperate regions of the norther hemisphere. Some are grown as agricultural forage grasses.

Arrhenatherum - Oatgrass

Arrhenatherum is a small genus in the grass family, Poaceae, with a distribution around Eurasia and N-Africa. A few species are grown as forage grasses and at least one is grown as an ornamental grass in gardens.

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Calamagrostis - Reedgrass

Calamagrostis is a fairly large genus of around 250 species in the grass family, Poaceae.  They are generally tall plants with long inflorences, native to temperate regions and high altitudes closer to the equator. Many species are considered good garden plants, among them 'Karl Foerster' one of the most popular ornamental grass varieties in the world.

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Carex - Sedges

Carex is the largest genus in the family Cyperaceae with around 2000 species. Most species grow in moist soil although there are exceptions to that.  The species are distributed globally, most in arctic and temperate regions. 

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Elymus - Wild Rye

Elymus is a fairly large genus with around 150 species in the grass family,  Poaceae, with distribution in all continents. A few species are grown as ornamental garden plants, while one, Elymus repens, is a plant no one wants in their yard. 

Festuca - Fescue

Festuca is a large genus of around 400 - 500 species in the grass family, Poaceae, with a global distribution. Many are low growing species with thin foliage, but the genus also contains tall species that can reach 2 m in height. The inflorence is a tight panicle. F. rubra is commonly used in gras mixtures for lawns and golf courses since it forms a fine, dense cover.

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Hakonechloa is a monotypic genus in the grass family, Poaceae, that is native to Japan. It is shade tolerant and many garden varieties are available. 

Hordeum - Barleys

Hordeum, barleys, is a genus of annual and perennial species in the grass family, Poaceae, distributed in the norther hemisphere. Hordeum vulgare, barley, is an important grain grown around the world, including Iceland. At least one species is grown as an annual ornamental in gardens.

Imperata - Satintails

Imperata is a small genus of around 10 species native to tropical and sub-tropical regions. Their flowers are silkhaired spikes, hence the common name, satintails. At least one species is a popular ornamental grass in warmer regions of the world. 

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Koeleria - Junegrasses

Koeleria is a genus in the grass family, Poaceae, with a wide distribution in all continents excluding Antarctica. The genus has recently shrunk substantially, it previously included hundreds of species, but less than 50 remain. A few are grown as ornamental grasses in gardens. 

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Luzula is a fairly large genus in the rush family, Juncaceae, with a global distribution, mostly in cold temperate, arctic and alpine regions. They have leaves with characteristically hairy edges and clusters of small brown flowers. A few small species are native to Iceland. 

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Milium - Milletgrass

Milium is a small genus in the grass family, Poaceae, with a distribution in the northern hemisphere. A large number of species previously classified in the genus have been moved to other genera. 

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Molinia - Moor grasses

Molinia is a small genus in the grass family, Poaceae, with only two species remaining after previous members of the genus have been moved to other genera. One species (M. caerulea) is widely distributed around Eurasia, the other one (M. japonica) is native to Japan and Korea. 

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