Daffodils flower from late April until June depending on types.

The first ones to flower are the N. cyclamineus hybrids and the last to bloom are cultivars with double flowers. The bulbs are toxic and the sap can cause skin irritation on sensitive skin. 

Daffodils are categorized into 13 divisions according to flower size and shape: :

I. Trumpet

II. Large-cupped

III. Small-cupped 

IV. Double

V. Triandrus cultivars

VI. Cyclamineus cultivars



VII. Jonquilla cultivars

VIII. Tazetta cultivars

IX. Poeticus cultivars

X.  Bulbocodium cultivars

XI. Split corona

XII. Other cultivars

XIII. Species and wild varieties

small flowered daffodils

Cyclamineus hybrids (VI)
Narcissus cyclamineus
Jonquilla hybrids (VII)
Narcissus jonquilla
Lesser daffodil
Narcissus minor
Narcissus x odorus
Tazetta hybrids (VIII)
Narcissus tazetta

Triandrus hybrids (V)
Narcissus triandrus

Large Flowered Daffodils

Trumpet daffodils (I)
Narcissus pseudonarcissus

Large cupped daffodils (II)
Narcissus x incomparabilis

Small cupped daffodils (III)
Narcissus x incomparabilis

Double daffodils (IV)
Narcissus x incomparabilis
Split corona (XI)
Narcissus x incomparabilis


Poeticus hybrids (XI)
Narcissus poeticus